ABCs of ARCs

What is this?

A little over two years ago, I started working at a local bookstore. While there were several perks (including a store dog to pet and the occasional pizza party), one of the biggest and best one was the access to ARCS (or galleys if you must)--Advanced Reading Copies. AKA, copies of books that are coming out, but have not yet been published. They vary from eventual best-sellers to smaller, less well known authors. Some were good, some were bad.

I knew one day I wouldn't be at the bookstore--that was the plan--and so I began to horde the ARCS. Not all, just ones that seemed semi-appealing: hey, free books! I now have a new bookshelf filled to the brim with them. In order to make sure I actually read them (like I said, there's good and bad!) and they don't just collect dust bunnies, I decided to start this blog, beginning at the very beginning of the Alphabet (by title), from A to Z. Each week I'll read a new book and write a little bit about it, thoughts, opinions, etc. Some letters will have five books, some letters may have none: but all the ARCs must be read!

What will I get out of this? What will you get out of this? Perhaps a favorite book, perhaps a least favorite book. More than likely, and hopefully, some entertainment to pass the time. As a note, some of the ARCS have come out and some have not. If I do use quotes, please note that they could be incorrect or not even in the published book (sorry publishers!). Most of the books will have been published within the year or will be published in the upcoming year.

Best wishes reading!